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In the world of theatre if an act or performance receives so much applause that the entire play is interrupted because the audience have spontaneously and unanimously sprung to their feet, clapping wildly with sheer giddy enthusiasm at what has just unfolded before their eyes – well, that’s what’s known as a showstopper.

In the world of kitchen design, it’s the Wolf dual fuel range cooker that brings the crowds to their feet. An iconic masterpiece of design and engineering, the Wolf range cooker’s impeccable reputation is thanks to over 50 years of research and development. Simply put, it’s the one everyone wants – and here’s why.

We all know first impressions count, and aside from all of the incredible engineering that goes into the Wolf dual fuel range cooker, it’s the design that really turns heads in that first moment that you set your eyes on it.

Wolf Range Cooker – The Walton Barn Project

But it’s not really a surprise that the Wolf range cooker, sculpted in heavy-gauge stainless steel, has that classic professional look since it was designed primarily for commercial use.

That underlying feeling of an industrial heavyweight, paired with the eye-catching cobalt blue oven interior and iconic red knobs makes for quite a startling first impression.

Okay, so looks aside, the mighty Wolf really does cut the mustard like no other range cooker on the market. The dual convection system in the Wolf range cooker uses two fans and multiple heating elements to control heat and airflow more precisely and produce more uniform temperature without the hot and cool spots common with less sophisticated single convection systems. This technology is exclusive to Wolf and allows users to achieve levels of consistency and guesswork-free precision in their baking, roasting and closed door grilling that they never even knew was possible.

Wolf range cooker – Cotswold Country House Main Kitchen

And in real, everyday terms? It means you can bake three racks of cookies without having to rotate the trays. It means you can bake the perfect quiche with a crispy base and a lightly browned top. It means you can order a 5-bone rib of scotch beef from Allens of Mayfair and cook it medium-rare using the temperature probe without even batting an eyelid.

Ashurst House Kitchen - High res 9

The flip down display buttons on the Wolf dual fuel range cooker is how you programme the oven functionality – change between Fahrenheit and celsius, set the cook time, delay the start of the cook time, set the sabbath mode, set the proof mode or set the temperature probe.

Ranging (pun intended) from 762mm to 1524mm, here at Humphrey Munson the best-selling size of the Wolf Dual Fuel Range Cooker is the 1219mm. The model options for this size of Dual Fuel Range Cooker are i) with Charbroiler or iii) with Charbroiler and Griddle/Teppanyaki:


The charbroiler is designed with an infrared burner to give the highest quality and most efficient method of gas grilling. A radiant plate with numerous holes distributes the heat evenly over the grate, transferring an intense heat to the food. This sears the outside of the food, leaving the inside tender and juicy. The infrared burner is designed to operate at 5.6kW at 100% full heat output.

Griddle / Tappanyaki

The infrared griddle operates at 5.6kW. It is thermostatically controlled, which means once the set temperature is reached, the heat cycles to hold that temperature. Perfect for pancakes, breakfasts, steaks, chicken and pretty much anything else you care to cook on it.

The Grange Ascot - Wolf Range Cooker - Humphrey Munson

There is so much research and development that goes into these range cookers, it’s one of the things we love most about Sub-Zero & Wolf as a company – they are all about quality and they continually push the boundaries to enhance performance and efficiency for all their appliances. It’s the ‘little’ details that our clients love – the automatic flame re-ignition, the true simmer capability (thanks to the dual stacked burners), the pyrolytic self- cleaning function in both ovens and the full extension ball bearing oven racks so you can quickly access even the heaviest dishes really easily.

We have the 1219mm Wolf Dual Fuel Range Cooker in both of our showrooms in Felsted, Essex and St. Albans, Hertfordshire and these are both live, so if you wanted to visit and see them in action please give us a call on 01371 821300 or drop us an email to info@humphreymunson.co.uk and we can arrange an appointment for you.

For more information on Wolf, please visit the Sub-Zero & Wolf website here.

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