Humphrey Munson welcomes AGA


It’s been very busy with all sorts of deliveries today for the new showroom at Felsted, Essex but the one we were really excited about was this…

AGA being installed at Humphrey Munson, Felsted, Essex

We are delighted to announce that after many years of working with AGA, the Humphrey Munson showroom is Felsted, Essex is now an authorised AGA showroom and we are thrilled to be installing a white 3 oven AGA dual control in the new Longford kitchen display. It’s going to look amazing and we can’t wait to show it off! We plan to organise some different AGA events so people can come and see it in action (and sample some freshly baked AGA treats). We’ll keep you posted on the progress but you can also sign up to our mailing list on our home page here.

According to BBC America, the AGA is as synonymous with the British kitchen as golden syrup, egg cups and HP sauce – each of which is a quirky, idiosyncratic symbol of Great British – and quite right too. A silent, cast-iron behemoth in the kitchen, the AGA was first launched in the 1930s.

Anyone who has lived with and loved an AGA will tell you the same thing – they really do become the heart of the home in a way that you can’t imagine life without one. The plain truth is that an AGA is just a fantastic cooker – easy to use and super easy to live with. The AGA retains and radiates heat so the cooking process is much gentler that a conventional oven, and this locks in moisture, flavour and goodness.

Baking is on a whole new level with an AGA – because the heat comes from all sides, it acts like a traditional baker’s oven – no wonder then that Great British Bake Off star, and author of over 70 cook books, Mary Berry swears by hers: “I couldn’t be without an AGA. They are brilliant. They are always on, so it tempts you to cook and they keep the house beautifully warmed and aired.”

Today the AGA is a design icon and is still available as a traditional cast iron range cooker – available as a 2 oven, 3 oven or 4 oven model – each with no preheat waiting times or fiddling with temperatures so it’s ready to cook whenever you are.

Manor House 16

We love this 4 oven black AGA installed in the Manor House project – it’s absolutely stunning and definitely the focal point of the open plan kitchen space. Measuring nearly one and a half metres wide, in addition to the roasting, simmering and baking oven – this model also has a warming oven which is perfect for warming plates, resting food or cooking delicate dishes such as meringues. It’s also great for keeping roast joints of meat warm and succulent prior to carving.

Available in a great range of sizes, the AGA doesn’t just suit large country kitchens. We recently photographed this lovely Victorian kitchen extension in Essex where we’d installed a bespoke kitchen – a true blend of old and new. The owners retained a nod to the history and heritage of the home with a 2 oven AGA but updated the look and style of the kitchen with bi-folding doors and a bold, urban colour palette.

Humphrey Munson - Victorian Townhouse Extension 9

Today, AGA have embraced the innovation of the modern 21st century age and offer an incredible range of options including the City60. Designed with simplicity in mind, the AGA City60 has only one control knob for the hotplates and another for the oven and can be pre-programmed using a timer meaning it’s ready to cook when you are. Visit the AGA Living website for lots more information and technical details about these iconic cookers.

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