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The humble walk in pantry is a room full of nostalgia. This is probably the thing clients get most excited to talk about with the HM design team during our meetings. The lure of order and organisation is irresistible, and we often find that we reconfigure spaces to include a walk in pantry where there wasn’t one previously.

Here are some recent HM projects including walk in pantries to inspire you:

We love a partially glazed door to provide a hint of what’s inside…

Perfect continuity here at the Surrey project with the cabinetry design (Spenlow) and the flooring as well.

This is an all-singing, all-dancing pantry design with butt & bead panelling. The cabinetry shelving has integrated lighting and closed storage drawers below hide away things you don’t want out on display.

Choosing the same quartz countertops as the other areas ensures continuity, and also provides a practical, low-maintenance worktop for food prep if needed.

The walk in pantry at the Suffolk project is painted completely in the same colour as the island and the adjoining open plan soft seating space (Yardarm by HM).

People on social media sometimes comment that the HM pantries are unrealistic because people don’t really live like that… actually, yes they do! This one was not styled at all for the shoot, it was a masterclass in organisation by our client who loves to cook and entertain and this pantry was part of her dream project from the get-go.

At the Surrey Hills project, we included an HM Georgian glazed door finished in Top Hat to lead through to the pantry.

The island was also finished in Top Hat, so this worked very well.

With exceptionally high ceilings in this project, we added additional artisan shelving to wrap around and provide more storage.

This is the project to remember if you can’t fit a pantry in! Peter Humphrey designed this L shape walk-in pantry, and we provided drawings to the main contractor to get it just right. It works perfectly with the angled door into the kitchen.

This was a dream come true for the clients who felt a walk in pantry was not possible in this project.

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