Burford Limestone Weathered | Indoor + Outdoor Flooring


At Humphrey Munson we design kitchens to stand the test of time and the flooring chosen for a project is a really critical decision since it’s a foundational element and over the years will take an inordinate amount of wear and tear. Hardwearing, low maintenance flooring is essential to the long term success of a project particularly when you’re hoping to specify the same stone indoors and outside as well.

Both limestone and porcelain can be specified indoors and out, but choosing which option is best for you depends on the overall look you want to achieve and how set you are on a particular finish. Natural limestone is stunning and always looks absolutely incredible. However, you must be okay with the fact that all natural stone floor is a product of the natural environment and is subject to inherent and geological variations.

By this we mean you would need to accept variations in marking, colour, pattern, texture and veining. These perfect imperfections are part of the beauty of natural stone, just for us at HM but for the majority of our clients too.

If however you cannot accept the natural variations of limestone, it’s best to avoid this and choose a natural effect porcelain. The Sloane porcelain is available as an indoor tile, and there is a corresponding outdoor tile available. Although the tile size is the same, the depth is different with the indoor tile being 10mm, the outdoor tile being 20mm.

If, however, you are happy with the natural appearance and quirks of limestone, then for continuity and flow some clients love to extend the limestone flooring out of an open plan area into the terrace / garden.

Only certain limestones are suitable for this purpose, and typically feature an etched finish. Burford limestone weathered is an indoor/outdoor limestone and is an extremely popular low-maintenance choice.

For the Essex Project featured in this post, we specified the Burford limestone for the entire open plan area and then out to the terrace and pool beyond. The neutral tone and soft look worked perfectly with the overall design.

The Burford limestone weathered is suitable for all high traffic areas, kitchens, outdoor areas including patios and swimming pools. It’s available in 60cm x random / thickness: 2.0cm and is priced at £85.00 per SQM + VAT. Click here for more information and to enquire about quantity based discounts on all stone flooring.

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