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Media cabinetry can be so much more than just a stand for your new 8K smart TV. It can be a stunning piece of useful furniture than not only houses a television, but books, vases, pictures, wine (yes wine!) and even games consoles etc, all in one beautifully designed space.

Media cabinetry is quickly becoming an ever popular request in both larger open plan living spaces and cosy living rooms. We love what a well designed media cabinetry piece of furniture can bring to a room, here are a few reasons why…

When we design media cabinetry there’s two things that determine the overall size. The first is the size of the television (and sound bar etc) and the second is the space available. The reason for this is proportion. You’ll notice in the image above (which is the Worcestershire project), the shelf heights are all aligned and are also the same height as the cupboards beneath. Keeping these storage spaces that surround the TV uniform, means this (usually very large) piece of cabinetry is well balanced and looks like it belongs perfectly in the space.

Made using traditional joinery techniques, this media cabinetry at the Worcestershire project is finished in the HM paint colour ‘Farthing II’ the same as the nearby drinks cabinetry and also the kitchen island to maintain a sense of flow and continuity.

Closed cupboards designed beneath the open shelving provide a place to conceal games consoles, internet hubs, DVD’s, remotes and other items you may not necessarily want on display. Perfect for an open open plan kitchen, dining and living space such as the North London project pictured above.

Usually painted, media cabinetry looks particularly incredible with a lighter painted exterior and darker interior and this helps to conceal the television when it’s turned off. The cupboards below open to reveal a Berkeley oak finish, the same as the interior cabinetry specified throughout the kitchen.

Another element worth considering to include in the design is wine/ drinks storage. Now more than ever, evenings at home have become the norm whether you are looking to entertain a small group or enjoy a new movie with the family, so why not include additional wine storage with a mirror back for a touch of glamour.

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