Miele 7860 VitroLine Oven


The very latest in Miele oven technology, the new 7000 series M touch oven has more functions to offer than its predecessor, is so easy to use plus it really is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Here’s what all the fuss is about…

Adding a whole new dimension in the culinary world, the Miele 7860 VitroLine oven offers excellent cooking results faster than ever no compromise on quality, enabling you to cook like no one has before. How is this possible? M Chef technology enables food to be cooked in its entire volume from the outset. This ensures that it is heated evenly by supplying energy in the form of gourmet units. The process of your cooking food is monitored and adjusted constantly, allowing you to prepare dishes that may not have been possible at home before. But don’t panic, you can use conventional functions too.

This oven features touch control across all models and available is three colours: Graphite Grey, Obsidian Black and Brilliant White to suit most kitchen spaces. Obsidian Black (pictured above) offers a sleek modern look that works harmoniously with the surrounding light painted cabinetry of the Longford kitchen in our Felsted showroom.

Gourmet pro programme allows you to set all of the parameters individually so that the oven can prepare your food in line with precise specifications. For those days when you aren’t completely on top of your game, the Miele 7860 oven offers optional assistance with the Gourmet assistant. Based on the weight and type of food this virtual expert will suggest the appropriate intensity, temperature, function plus the number of gourmet units. So you can sit back, relax, then all the credit at your dinner party.

For total control, the oven will monitor and change things on the go anytime, anywhere. You can keep an eye on food, check the status of the oven and stop a programme all from your mobile phone. Simply download the app, set it up and you are good to go – unrivalled convenience.

“The Miele philosophy is to always be ‘Immer Besser’ – forever better. Everything we do is based on the premise that it will improve the lives of our customers. The new Miele Generation 7000 series sets new industry standards in terms of design, intuitive ease of use, accuracy and technology innovation to deliver outstanding performance.” – Neil Pooley, category manager for kitchens for Miele GB

TasteControl is another new innovation exclusive to Miele, allowing food to remain in the oven without overcooking. At the end of the cooking programme, the oven door automatically opens slightly and reduces the internal temperature very quickly. An additional KeepWarm option ensures food stays warm without drying out or over cooking, until it is ready to be served at its absolute best. There’s so much more we could tell you about the Miele 7860 so if you are interested in finding out more, visit the Miele website here or the Der Kern blog by Miele here.

Images: Paul Craig

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