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A staple dish at any Israeli breakfast table, Shakshuka has become as well known as falafels and hummus and we absolutely love it!

Green Shakshuka | Humphrey Munson

Shakshuka literally means ‘all mixed up’ – and that’s what it really is!  Typically stated as originating in either Yemen or Tunisia, the dish is made up of eggs cooked in tomato sauce with peppers, sometimes with onions, sometimes with other other herbs, spices, or cheese on top. You usually see it served in an iron pan with some warm bread – perhaps pitta or challah bread for dipping into the egg and mopping up the sauce at the end.

Green Shakshuka | Humphrey Munson

For this super green shakshuka, we sautéed some cavolo nero, leeks and broccoli in our lovely Staub Chistera Braiser because it has a really heavy base so it’s perfect for this kind of dish. Once the veggies were cooked through we seasoned with salt and pepper and added some chives and parsley.

Next we cracked the eggs into the dish and turned the heat down a little and put the lid on for 3-4 minutes. Then we added mozzarella cheese and placed under a pre-heated grill for 1 minute to melt the cheese.

Green Shakshuka | Humphrey Munson

We added fresh red chilli and some more chives at the end for a splash of colour and a bit of a kick and then served it up. This would be a great quick lunch dish using up veggies in the fridge – you can throw anything in you like!

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