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A trip to Petworth is now no longer complete without a trip to the The Leconfield – a brilliant English restaurant serving a cracking menu in a space that is beautifully appointed, super comfortable and the staff are absolutely marvellous.

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Petworth, obviously famous for its antiques offerings, is a wonderful day out and somewhere I personally love to visit at weekends.

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Booking a table at the Leconfield for either a leisurely lunch or an early supper, is definitely a must – especially in the summer months when you sit out on the terrace.  There also happens to be a champagne bar on the terrace…

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The Leconfield - Petworth - Champagne Menu - Humphrey Munson 2

Using seasonal local produce of the highest quality is something lots of restaurants do now, and quite rightly too. But the Leconfield do it exceptionally well – they use the very best ingredients and cook them so simply and beautifully that you can really taste the flavours of every element of the dishes.

Here are three examples borrowed from the Leconfield’s instagram to highlight this:

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i) This is Norfolk chicken with local carrots, cumin, caramel & pickled gooseberries.

Leconfield - Petworth - Humphrey Munson 9

ii) Soused Cornish Sardines, anchovy emulsion, yoghurt, lemon and fried bread.

The Leconfield - Humphrey Munson Blog

and iii) Stone bass, salsify, monks beard, chicken wing, brown shrimp and burn’t butter sauce.

The proof is in the pudding. To try some of these dishes out, make a reservation here.

All images: The Leconfield

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