Wolf Dual Range Cooker


In the world of kitchen design, the 1219mm Wolf dual fuel range cooker is an iconic masterpiece of design and engineering worth celebrating. The Wolf range cooker’s impeccable reputation is all thanks to over 50 years of research, development and passion.

The cooker that does it all – and incredibly well – this range cooker is also a real head turner. At first glance it has a robust professional look due to the fact that it was in fact first designed for commercial use. Now it delivers the best of both worlds effortlessly.

Wolf Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Bedfordshire Project - Humphrey Munson

Exclusive dual fuel technology means that two fans and multiple heating elements precisely control heat and airflow, producing a more uniform temperature – no cookie tray turning required with this oven. You may also notice the eye-catching, beautiful cobalt blue oven interior which is actually this colour for a reason. It has been engineered to reflect the oven lights during cooking to allow for a clearer view of your cooking food, plus it withstands the higher temperatures required of pyrolytic cleaning (find out more about that below).

A flip down display is how you operate the Wolf duel fuel range cooker and can be changed from fahrenheit to celsius, you can set the time, cooking time (or delay it if you need to), set the temperature probe and even set the sabbath mode. 10 cooking modes gives you full control via the iconic red knobs. These include: bake, grill, roast, a bake stone function, proof (great for proving dough), convection bake, convection grill, convection roast, convection and pyrolytic cleaning.

Wolf Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Bedfordshire Project - Humphrey Munson

The pyrolytic clean has revolutionised oven cleaning. In the simplest terms, it means no more scrubbing oven cavities out and getting yourself and your floor covered in grime. When selected, the triple glazed oven door will lock (this keeps the heat in and means the exterior is only warm to the touch) and the oven will reach maximum temperature of roughly 400°c+ which will burn any food and grease to no more than ash powder which you can then simply wipe away with a cloth.

If you thought the interior of the Wolf dual fuel was impressive, the top features are equally amazing. The model options for this size of Dual Fuel Range Cooker are i) with Charbroiler or iii) with Charbroiler and Griddle/Teppanyaki:


The charbroiler is designed with an infrared burner to give the highest quality and most efficient method of gas grilling. A radiant plate with numerous holes distributes the heat evenly over the grate, transferring an intense heat to the food. This sears the outside of the food, leaving the inside tender and juicy. The infrared burner is designed to operate at 5.6kW at 100% full heat output.


The infrared griddle operates at 5.6kW. It is thermostatically controlled, which means once the set temperature is reached, the heat cycles to hold that temperature. Perfect for pancakes, full english breakfasts, steaks, fish and pretty much anything else you care to cook on it!

Wolf Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Bedfordshire Project - Humphrey Munson

For both the team at Humphrey Munson and our clients, it’s the little things that make the Wolf dual fuel range cooker really shine: the automatic flame re-ignition, the truly super low simmer capability (thanks to the dual stacked burners), the pyrolytic self- cleaning function in both ovens and the full extension ball bearing oven racks so you can quickly access even the heaviest dishes really easily.

For more information on Wolf, please visit the Sub-Zero & Wolf website here.

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