How to future-proof your kitchen and avoid the cult to cliché trap


We’re really lucky at HM to work with clients on some incredible projects and our design team work really hard to translate the initial brief into a dream kitchen that not only looks amazing from a design aesthetic, but that really works in a functional way for whoever is using the space.

After an initial design consultation which takes place in our showroom or over the telephone, we provide clients with an estimate for the furniture, worktops, installation and hand-painting + VAT (if applicable). We can give a guide estimate on appliances and accessories for the kitchen however these are really variable depending on the specification. Once we have provided an estimate, if this is acceptable we will undertake the detailed design work which can take up to two weeks. We prepare detailed design plan and elevation drawings together with a full quotation to review with clients in either showroom space.

If you’re reading this the chances are you’ve already seen our work: we design and make really classic English kitchens – the Nickleby, the Longford and the Spenlow. The thing they all have in common are the underlying design principles of symmetry, proportion and simplicity. Our kitchens aren’t packed to the rafters with the latest must-have trend item – in fact, we really don’t like the word trend.

For us, and our clients, the design of a kitchen / dining space is an investment, so it’s not about having the latest on-trend hammered copper sink which is fast becoming the kimchi of the kitchen industry. It’s all about future-proofing their investment and making sure that it all looks as amazing in 10+ years time. In the world of interiors, as with fashion, trends come and go – what has a cult following today, is undoubtedly going to be the cliché of tomorrow. Future-proofing is so important to us at HM and below is a round up of how we do it:

1. Design adaptability 

One of the key things the design team consider is not only the existing functionality required, but future use – who could be standing in that kitchen in 10+ years time? Not only do families grow up and the needs of those living in the home change, but also capturing the imagination of prospective buyers with an open plan kitchen/ dining space that is aesthetically pleasing as well instantly intuitive to whoever is using the space is really critical. The majority of our kitchens are hand-painted and this is a really excellent way of future-proofing the cabinetry as it means it can be re-painted further down the line should either existing, or new homeowners wish to.

2. Expert Craftsmanship

Our kitchens are designed in-frame with a wealth of options ranging from simple cupboards, to pantries, customised partitions, bespoke bookcases and curved corner units. We love creating bespoke kitchen storage solutions for our clients that really maximise the space available without compromising on the underlying design aesthetic.

3. Traditional Joinery Techniques

Our cabinetmakers use traditional joinery techniques to make the furniture by hand, but also utilise modern innovations where possible. So for example, we use traditional dovetail joints for our drawers but they sit on the best quality lifetime guaranteed soft-close runners. We know our cabinetry is made so well that it will live up to even the heaviest use and stand the test of time. Our drawer boxes are made of solid oak and have the finest quality hand-cast handles. Using the very best quality materials is integral to the longevity of our kitchens particularly given how heavily they are used as the most inhabited room in the home.

4. Lifespan of appliances and accessories 

We work with a range of suppliers that include Sub-Zero and Wolf, Miele, Lacanche, GaggenauQuooker etc – these suppliers all share two key attributes – quality, and service. We know that these appliances and accessories are built to last and will work just as well in 10+ years time as they do today.

We deal with our appliance partners directly and only order from them. It means that we are able to guarantee the quality of the product we are ordering, and we also know we can trust them to be as reliable and efficient as possible. Post sales care is so important to us, it’s something we pride ourselves on, so we like to work with companies that share our ethos and offer the same excellent customer care.

5. Lifetime Guarantee

All the projects we undertake have a lifetime guarantee on the joinery, which means that if there is ever a problem due to our workmanship we will remedy it. In terms of future-proofing, we know that our kitchens are going to look just as good in 10+ years time thanks to the expert craftsmanship that goes into each and every part of the cabinetry.

We love what we do, and our fantastic team of super talented cabinetmakers make kitchens by hand with a level of dedication and diligence that is unsurpassed. We don’t cut corners, and if something is spotted in quality control that isn’t quite right, it’s put right straightaway.

Barnes Village, Luxury Bespoke Kitchen - Humphrey Munson

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